Your Guide to Seasonal Photography on Long Island

Posted on September 30, 2016


In the midst of September, it may be a difficult to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Sure, sun and warmth are great, but we’re heading into one of the best times of the year for seasonal photography. Between the fall foliage and upcoming snows of winter, Long Island is home to plenty of gorgeous landscapes that are ideal for seasonal portrait sessions. Check out some of these ideas that would make for excellent portraits.

The Perfect Time for Seasonal Photography

Leaves and Jack-O-Lanterns

Autumnal months are amazing for so many reasons, but none better than the welcoming hue of Long Island’s fall foliage.


The Great Outdoors

The sprawling fields and woods of Suffolk and the North Fork would look great in fall seasonal photography. Picture the rustic harmony of a forest path lined on all sides by tall tree trunks and orange, green and brown leaves falling to cover the ground.

Patches and Mazes

Or maybe even a pumpkin patch! Imagine rows upon rows of bright orange pumpkins separated only by the vines from which they grow. This would be an invaluable reminder of your childhood or the memories that you’ve made with your children pumpkin picking every year. You can almost smell the warm apple cider in the air.

Your portrait session doesn’t even need to be of stereotypical fall essentials. Fall has its own unique magic just waiting to be captured. Anywhere you photograph the season, your portraits will shine when you harness the one-of-a-kind warmth of the autumnal sun rising above the skyline.


Winter Fun

It’s ironic that the coldest time of year produces some of the best seasonal portraits. It’s almost like snow was meant to be photographed and the great part is, everything looks better under a light dusting.

There’s something about a residential street after a blizzard. Everything looks so untouched and serene. This winter, have a seasonal photography session anywhere you please.

The Neighborhood Stream

Maybe down the block at the creek with brisk rapids running under the watchful eye of snow-covered rocks and branches. Even the local pond, frozen over completely with ice skaters and families all around, makes for great snapshots.

Try having your pet run around a snowy landscape. Besides your dog having the time of their life, you’ll get pristine landscape shots of winter, and some excellent pet photos, too!

Even though most people favor spring and summer with their warm temperatures, the fall and winter are really when Long Island reveals its unique beauty. Try your next photography session this fall!

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