The Beauty of Long Island Photography

Posted on July 29, 2016


Taken at Chelsea Mansion in Muttontown

The great thing about living on Long Island is that, no matter where you are, you’re going to be surrounded by lush foliage, rolling green hills, and pristine coastlines. Everywhere on Long Island boasts uniquely gorgeous landscapes, neighborhoods, and towns. Whether you have lived here your entire life or have come to call it home, our landscapes are the very definition of picturesque. Take advantage of your surroundings and have yourself a Long Island photography session to showcase some of your favorite spots.

Long Island Photography at Its Best

Timing is Everything

The landscapes of Long Island can vary by county, town, and whether or not you’re on the North or South Shore. Likewise, Long Island experiences the full force of each of the four seasons. Where and when your session takes place is something to consider. It depends on what you’re going for and what means more to you.

For instance, we’re currently in the midst of the summer season with the brunt of the heat bearing down on us. So, with that in mind, an ideal place to have a photography session nowadays would be at one of Long Island’s many beaches.


Taken at Bayville Beach

An August sunset could make for the perfect session. Imagine capturing the waves just as they’re meeting their apex. Picture the sun shining off the sand and bringing the shore to life.

That’s not to say there are other great times to schedule a session. Think of all the colors of fall foliage, or a pristine coating of snow on a January morning. Try to figure out when Long Island looks the best to you, then capture that image forever with a professional photography session.

Keeping Memories Alive

It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived here forever or otherwise, there’s going to be a few places that have made some sort of impact on you. Memories can be made anywhere.

Perhaps there’s a field you used to play in as a child, a park where you first met your significant other, or even the hill where you first took your family sledding. Any place that means something special to you should not go ignored.


Taken at Sagamore Hill

A Long Island photography session can be in any location of your choice, and at any time you please. Imagine your favorite place on Long Island, make it come to life forever in a special portrait session.

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