Tips and Tricks for Cry-Free Baby Portraits

Posted on August 29, 2016


One of the simple, unexpected perks of having a newborn is the inevitable baby portraits that capture your little angel in all of their precious, miniature glory. Aside from the obvious joy of having portraits that you can cherish forever, you will also be rewarded by the satisfaction you’ll get when showing them off to coworkers, friends, and family. However, there’ll be nothing to show if your little one spends the whole time crying. To help you avoid any unrest, we’ve compiled some of our proven methods for preventing tears altogether.

Soothing your Newborn during Baby Portraits

Come Prepared!

It may not seem obvious but there is always some prep work that precedes any session. We recommend that you feed and burp your little one ahead of time. A hungry baby is always a fussy baby.

If your newborn is well fed, it will also ensure that they are ready for naptime by the time your session rolls around. Because most portraits are taken while your child is sleeping, an energetic, wide-awake baby might hinder that process.

Also, try to bring a few items from home that you’ve found success in calming them with. You know your child best, so make sure you have the baby’s favorite blanket or toy close by. It might come in handy.


Setting the Mood

It’s no secret that there are certain conditions which newborns seem to prefer. A warm room and body temperature will help your baby keep their cool. Many have found that the presence of a faint ambient sound or white noise will ensure your little one stays quiet and cry-free.

Also, try to remain as silent and out of the way as possible. Too much noise or distraction can distress newborns. It might seem like a stressful endeavor, but it’s just as important for parents to stay composed.

The presence of parents might also have the effect of exciting the baby, as well. We recommend that you try to stay out of view and out of mind. This is especially true for mothers because their smell is recognizable to newborns.

But most importantly, stay loose and relaxed. Try not to stress too much. Your baby portraits will always get done and you’ll be more than pleased with the results. It’s all going to be worth it in the end!

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